Let’s know each other

Tiya’s diary on August 29

This is the first school day, although the teachers including me have been on 7 days workshop. Exciting and nervous is surrounding.

“Tiya, you are the Chinese teacher here, you are the only one who can speak Chinese in our school,  you can help a lot for kids” Ms. Grewing said, the principal.

“Tiya you look small, but you have knowledge of your language, and kids here need that, go ahead, enjoy your life in CHS ” Mr. Mullin said, the president.

“Could you give me some of the tips for the class here, Ms. Grewing. Shall I listen to the kids first then arrange the teaching plan? ”

“Yes, yes,  yes. Kids in CHS are excellent, they have their own idea, listen first then talk with them, the more you know your kids the easier your class will be.”

“Thanks, Ms. Grewing, I will try to make friends with them and hearing more from them .”

Finished above conversation with the principal. I started my first week’s work with kids in CHS.

Introduce yourself .介绍自己

How long have you learned Chinese?  学汉语多久了?

Why do you choose Chinese? 为什么学汉语呢?

Do you believe yourself in some degrees?  give me some of the example.——— i’m confident in long running! 你在哪些方面比较自信,举个例子。 比如,tiya我可能对长跑比较自信。

Do you know some of the Chinese Culture? Are you interested in that? 你了解哪些中国文化? 那么你对中国文化感兴趣吗?

If you are the Chinese teacher here what do do want to show to your students?   listening/ speaking /reading /writing.  What is a good Chinese teacher should be ? 如果你是汉语老师,你觉得应该给学生讲什么东西?听说读写方面。   你认为,一个优秀的汉语老师应该是怎么样的?

Do you want to have some daily useful expression or some of the expression from the textbook?? 你们想要学一些有用的日常交际表达还是书本知识?

what kind of class do you want most? having game or activities? having task but with  lively atmosphere?

你们最想要的课堂形式是怎样的? 有活动或互动,有任务,但有活跃的气氛?

If you have any questions please send message to me on schoolage.

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