Hello September, Hello CHS

Dear you,

I’m Tiya, and this year I’ll teach Chinese in Cathedral high school in Minnesota  US. Here my best partners(kids in Cathedral High school) :Carly 民念华,Jack 杰克, Mitch永富,Cian 凯恩,Cicilia 含音,those five guys will be the protagonists here and you will see their figure frequently.

Luckily, Jack and Carly are from the Chinese immersion program and they have learned Chinese for 9 years. Mitch who is the courageous kid is their classmate, belonging to Chinese IV class. This is the second year for Cicilia having Chinese class, and she is an diligent girl in our Chinese family, having the habit of writing dairy in Chinese and interested in learning grammar. There is one more handsome boy in our Chinese family and his name is Cian who is a humor boy.

Here we go ,CHS, in September!




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