Culture day

“Why do you learn Chinese?” the first week of school , i asked kids.

“I don’t konw””I want to go to China for further study””speaking in Chinese can make me like unicorn, unique” kids answerd.

“What do you want to learn on this class ?”  “funny things””real life “”useful expressions”

Then we decided to have a culture class every week and that’s Friday.

Fortunately, the principal ordered some of the materials for Calligraphy( ink sticks ,ink stones, brushes)

The first idea of my mind is “FINDING CONFIDENCE”, so I didn’t have too much introduction of Calligraphy immediately, and I just allow the kids to create their own calligraphy works enjoying the process of it.

Zhuan Shu-seal script, kids’ first try

One the second week,kids needed have different styles of calligraphy then collected their calligraphy work and pasted them on the wall.


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