A letter to my honey kids

TO the kids at CHS,

I know that you could not see this letter here, but i still want to say something to you guys, really nice guys in Chinese class.  Those two weeks we are working on our topic -thanksgiving day, and I know that sometimes I may push you too harder doing that. Please to understand that my goal is not at the scores given to you, I do hope that all of us could see our progress during this year.

I still remember the moment that the first time i saw you. Compared with that time you all become super confident now. And some of you could assist me in the class and some of you are willing to help the others whenever in speaking, pronunciations and spelling. I’m so happy seeing that all your pronunciation is becoming more and more authentic. Some of you require themselves in high demands.

Please forgive me that I made the plan taking a week to consolidate our basic knowledges, such as pinyin system, strokes, and pronunciations, even though you may not know the reason we did that. Fortunately, all of you conquered that successfully.

I know that you may have forgotten which topics we have obtained, when you have time please check your shoology~~~

Mandarin is a subject with complicated grammars and easy regularity. Please don’t worry about your state, because we all in the same cognitive.

Hey guys, do you know that I really like you making mistakes and tell me you don’t know that yet. Grammars are important ?   Sentence structures are important?  Yes Yes Yes, but not all mostly true. Follow you hear and make fun in class, then make it through acquisition and learning.





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