Here comes our Chinese Club

                                                       Chinese Club in CHS

Purposes and Goals:

  • Introducing the Chinese cultural, helps people who are interested in and willing to know more about China, Chinese cultural and history.
  • Build the interests of learning Chinese. In order to enlarge the Chinese class.
  • Creating more opportunities for students who in Chinese and willing to practicing their Chinese outside of class.  
    • Not only just the students in CHS, but also the students in Madison

Meet schedule: Thursday 9th hour  (once every other week or once a month)

Meet location: Chinese classroom

Event plans:

  • Study Buddy
    • The volunteering service with each other
    • All the students in Chinese also welcome to join it.
  • Chinese cultural explore
    • Calligraphy
    • Chinese traditional painting  
    • Learn about the festivals in China
    • Chinese craft
    • Kite
    • Paper cutting
  • Chinese food

– provide Chinese candies and snacks during the meeting

– Make Chinese food

click here and you can view it




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