How unique you are


Last week, we had a basic task communication.

To my surprise, the kids in Chinese IV could successfully make new conversations with the list of new vocabulary and pictures. Below is the list of words:

飞机         航班              宾馆              火车                  订/定                查询

大巴         汽车                      开车            坐飞机           票                        航班

中转           直达                    必须                   马上                      其实

变化                   表示                   特别                   非常                   很好

太差                   终于                   购物                   服务                   游泳

打算                   商场

The task is pretended that you and your friends are planning to have a travel in Australia during Christmas holiday. You and your friends will take off from MSP(Minneapolis&St. paul Airport) . please arrange that trip according to your own situations.(including the flight\hotel  )

Kids’ dialogue is so creative, they assigned the task so that everyone has one thing to deal with. The guy who orders the hotel considered the distance between the airport and the hotel. They also thought about the transports that will use when they arrive Australia.


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